Welcome to the VUB Embedded Systems' Lab
This website provides information and support for the courses and research activities of the Embedded Systems Lab (EmSlab) at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB). The EmSlab is part of the ETRO department.

Courses: The lab is involved in the following educational programs for Master students:
1. Operating Systems and Security course. (4, 5 or 6 ECTS)
2. Embedded Systems Project (5 or 6 ECTS)
3. Software and Engineering for Embedded Systems course.
 (5 OR 6 ECTS)
4. TAEP: Technology and Applications for Electronics and Photonics (2 x 3 hours + project)
5. Masters thesis and a PhD are offered in all these domains. Please contact the professor for discussing a possible topic.

The research is concentrated on the following themes:
1. Evaluating and benchmarking (Real-Time) Operating Systems on single, multi and many core platforms including virtualization and security aspects.
2. Development of a standard embedded systems platform for swarm intelligence applications. Application domains are swarm robotics and IoT.
More information can be found in the research section.

The lab is headed by Prof. Dr. ir.  Martin Timmerman. A number of PhD students are working on the different research topics and act as assistants for the different courses. Each year, some Master students chose a topic for their MaThesis. Crewdetails can be found in the about us page.

You can contact the lab via the
contact page. Details on how to join us are here.

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Where to find us?
Vrije Universiteit Brussel- Etterbeek Campus
Pleinlaan 2  Building K
1050 Brussel- Belgium

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For the OSSEC course details are here.

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